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We are concerned citizens who are interested in keeping Benicia safer and healthier by adopting an Industrial Safety Ordinance (ISO). We support the adoption of the Benicia Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance  (BISHO) that would help prevent accidents, allow us to receive more complete and timelier information, hold local industries accountable, and give our City a "seat at the table," in line with all other Bay Area Communities with refineries.

The BISHO working group recognizes that we are all busy and overstretched, but you can make a positive impact on our work with just a few clicks. Even agreeing to be an anonymous supporter can make a huge difference in the BISHO movement.
Please fill out the form. There, you can sign up for our mailing list so you can be receive the occasional update on major developments. All levels of engagement are deeply welcome.

Thank you! 


Can we list you as a supporter?

By clicking submit you are consenting to share your name publicly (if that's what you agreed to do) and opting in to the occasional email update regarding our progress and how you can help. You may opt out at any time.

Thank you for standing up for Benicia's health and safety!

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