top of page is a new, interactive platform from Citizen Labs that serves as a digital town hall for Benicia residents, enabling you to participate in important discussions and decision-making processes. It empowers our community by providing a space where your voices can be heard on issues that matter to you.

Advocate for a Strong ISO on

The City of Benicia is asking the community to weigh in on the development and implementation of an ISO using There is already a page where Benicia residents can ask questions and tell our City what we would like to see in the final ordinance.

In order for the best case outcome for a strong Industrial Safety Ordinance (ISO), supporters like you can join and participate in discussions related to the ISO, advocating for a strong, model ordinance that can bridge the identified gaps in accountability, transparency, and timeliness for our City's health and safety.

Sign Up and Use Your Voice

To sign up and use the service, visit and create an account by providing your basic information and verifying your residency. Once registered, users can join conversations, share their opinions, and contribute to various topics and initiatives – including the very important development of a model ISO for Benicia.

Click the button to be redirected to the signup page for below. Click the white button that says "Sign Up." and the BISHO Working Group are not affiliated with, Citizen Labs, or the City of Benicia. We were not asked to promote the site or influence how you interact with it. Put simply, we would like everyone who wishes to be heard on the matter of an ISO for Benicia – supporters and opponents alike – the chance to be heard.

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